Introduction of Broadway Circuit 

Since the beginning of the 20th century, “Broadway” is known for its reputation as the birthplace for many famous art and entertainment performances such as musicals, dramas, operas and dancing, bringing the audience to a series of fabulous in stage entertainments. As of today, many of the performances are considered to be classics, deeply touched the hearts of audiences and continued to sparkle on the stage. Broadway Circuit named “Broadway” also shares the same visions. We firmly believe that movies can take people to experience the complexity of life and the real world in a greater sense of meaning, inspire people to think & act positively and have the courage to make dreams and pursue them in their arena of life.

Broadway Cinema was first established in 1950s and was rebuilt in the existing location, Sai Yeung Choi Street, Mongkok, in 1987. Thereafter, Broadway Circuit has gradually developed to nowadays the largest cinema circuit in Hong Kong. Being operated by Edko Films Ltd, the circuit comprises two brands, including the stylish quality “Broadway” and premium elegance design “PALACE”, covering all the major locations in Hong Kong Island, Kowloon and the New Territories. Since 2006 Edko Films Ltd has appointed by AMC Cinemas to manage the AMC cinema in Hong Kong. Hence, Broadway, PALACE and AMC altogether have a presence of 11 cinemas across the territory, providing 55 screens and over 8700 comfortable seating. As quality is a way of life, our state-of-the-art cinemas touch you with its charm and uniqueness. Each cinema come with a different design feature, and is equipped with advanced digital cinema equipments, offering audiences almost the perfect visual and audio enjoyment.

Broadway Circuit provides a wide range of movies for our customers to choose upon their tastes and interests. Apart from a variety of blockbusters, our cinemas also provide a diverse and unique selection of the latest & internationally renowned films and programs from all over the world, including Concerts, Ballets, Musicals, Opera, Recitals, broadcasting live sporting events and hosting different themes of the film festival regularly, suiting the needs of Hong Kong to accommodate its culture for cosmopolitan.

In order to make our cine-world bigger, Broadway Cinematheque (bc) was founded in November 1996 and has since become the most exciting and stimulating cinema concept in Hong Kong, to create a sense of belongings among film enthusiasts and to cultivate local film culture through a series of film-and-culture related activities. Director retrospectives, thematic film programs, seminars, courses, meet-the-director sessions, are some of the examples that we organize to discover and rediscover film as art and culture.

Since 1999, Broadway Circuit has launched www.cinema.com.hk, which provides updated movie information and a platform for movie discussion. Enquiry hotline, email address and Facebook Fanpage were also set up to enhance customer communication for improving our service. Moviegoers can select their favorable seat anytime at their convenience via Internet ticketing, ticketing hotline, iPhone app and Android app.


About Edko Films Limited

Edko Films Ltd is committed to bring the most exciting films in international cinema to audiences all over the world. With over 60 years of experience in the motion picture industry, Edko is a full-scope independent movie company that apart from operating the Broadway Circuit and AMC Cinemas, it also produces and distributes films, operates paid TV Movie channel, and develop advertising production. Edko has released over 100 titles in Hong Kong and China, including Pan's Labyrinth, The Lives of Others, and Volver. Edko is a leading producer of original stories in Asia, with films like Fearless, Hero, and Lust, Caution, and act as the international sales agent for our productions.