The Oval Office

What is The Oval Office ? 


The Oval Office is the VIP house named after the official office of the President of the United States, signifying how all out guests are treated with presidential respect.

Oval office offers you an unprecedented cinema-going experience, includes

  • A private lounge with FREE flow light refreshments of nuts, chips, popcorn, candies and fresh fruits and some selective drinks
  • “Order to Make” fresh meal from quality restaurant, offering you an very unique in-theatre dining experiences (extra charge)    
  • Premium leather recliner with adjustable button to suit your sitting style
  • Guest Relation Officers are always there to take your order of food and wine when you press the service button at the recliner  

Where can I buy The Oval Office ticket ?


On-line channels and AMC box office.


What food and drink options are available ? 


AMC collaborates with Plat du Jour, a French restaurant under Swire Properties, to launch Hong Kong’s first dine-In theatre serving French cuisine.

The menu offer different choices of meal set, as well as vegetarian dish for selection. The menu will change regularly to ensure guests can taste the most seasonal and fresh ingredients. Food & snacks from Cinema Bites and wines & cocktails are also available for ordering. Guests are all at their choices to order the food and drink.


How do I order my foods or drinks ? 


The meal set from Plat du Jour can be pre-ordered during advance booking at on-line and box office. We will serve your meal in theater before the screening starts. Guests can also make their selection in the lounge, or inside the auditorium by pressing the call button at the recliner. Our guest relation staff will arrive shortly to take your order. Menu is placed at the lounge and at your seat.


Can I rent out The Oval Office for private event ?


Yes ! We offer rental for movie screening and corporate event. We will work with you to serve the style that fit your occasion. Please click here to provide your contact info and we will provide more information with you.