Barbara(FCP 2017)
  • Opening on 09-12-2017
  • 99 minutes
  • French, English(In Parts) (English, French(In Parts) Subtitles)

An actress, a director, and Barbara, into a majestic 3-characters play with shades and invisible frontiers.

An actress is to play Barbara, the French singer. The shoot is about to start. The actress works on her character, her voice, the songs, scores, the gestures, knitting, scenes she has to learn, things are going well, there's progress, development, she is even overwhelmed. The film director also works, through his encounters, through archives, music, he lets himself be submerged, overwhelmed like the actress, by the actress.

Official Selection - Cannes International Film Festival, 2017

Director Mathieu Amalric
Cast Mathieu Amalric, Jeanne Balibar, Vincent Peirani, Aurore Clément