Titus Andronicus (RSC 2018) (MOViE MOViE: Life is Art)
  • Opening on 04-02-2018
  • 203 minutes
  • English (English Subtitles)

Fourteen killings, severed limbs, rape, cannibalism, a live burial – Titus Andronicus is Shakespeare’s bloodiest and goriest tragedy. Director Blanche McIntyre brings back the decay of Rome to the 21st century, and gives a Tarantino twist to this modern-day revival of Shakespeare’s tale of revenge.

Brought together by a talented cast, Titus Andronicus has been applauded by contemporary audiences. David Troughton gives a terrific performance as Titus Andronicus, the barbaric and grieve-stricken hero. Nia Gwynne shines as Tamora, Queen of the Goths, as she captures the hysteria and pain of the character. Stefan Adegbola magnificently transforms into the Machiavellian villain, Aaron the Moor.

Director Blanche McIntyre
Cast David Troughton