Those Long Haired Nights(HKLGFF 2018)
  • Opening on 24-09-2018
  • 72 minutes
  • Filipino (English Subtitle)

Official Selection - Busan International Film Festival, Taipei Golden Horse Film Festival

In the neon lit red light district of Burgos in Manila, three best friends who are transgendered are working as masseuses, offering sexual services for their clientele. Tuesday, is a hopeless romanticist looking for love in all the wrong places. The wise one, Amanda, returns home to her province to attend the christening of her ex-girlfriend’s son. The brave one, Barbie, looks to make more money through drug deals for a Korean client. All three of them chase their dreams in Director Gerardo Calagui’s unflinching and honestly look at prostitution and transgendered women in Manilla.

Director Gerardo Calagui
Cast Rocky Salumbides, Anthony Falcon, Matt Daclan, Mon Confiado