Young Picasso(MOViE MOViE: Life is Art 2019)
  • Opening on 25-08-2019
  • 91 minutes
  • English, Spanish(In Parts) (English Subtitle)

“Engrossing detail and elegance, charged with charm and finesse.” – The Guardian

Pablo Picasso, a name that resonates through every museum and school, is perhaps the most prolific artist of all time. EXHIBITION ON SCREEN traces the footsteps of the legend’s less-explored early life. Traveling through Málaga, Barcelona, and Paris, the documentary carefully uncovers Picasso’s critical Blue and Pink periods, with privileged access to some of his unsung masterpieces. Through the insights of curators, letters from friends and lovers, and Picasso’s grandson Olivier Widmaier Picasso, the film probes into his tumultuous youth and road to fame.

5 Sept 2019 (Thur) 7:40pm The ONE with post-screening sharing (20 mins)*

*Guest:Dr. Maria Mok (Museum Director, Hong Kong Museum of Art)

Director Phil Grabsky
Cast --