Steam Room Stories: The Movie(HKLGFF 2019)
  • Opening on 13-09-2019
  • 98 minutes
  • English (No Subtitle)

The feature-length adaption of the notorious LGBTQ web series—in fact, the most addictive and longest-running one in history with over 210 episodes and 100,000 subscribers—‘Steam Room Stories’ is a rip-roaring comedy revolving around a towel-strewn, sweaty cornucopia of almost perfect-looking guys. Cheer and hiss as Sally Fay, the malicious cosmetics mogul, fights the Steam Room Guys for access to the magical elixir of youth she believes stirs in the water of their precious hangout spot. In the style of carefree ‘80s classic comedies, Calciano’s absurd production is a downright hysterical and suitably steamy joyride.

Director JC Calciano
Cast Traci Lords, Chris Boudreaux, Jacob Buckenmyer, Eric D’Agostino, Paris Dylan, Forrest Hoffman, Isaiah Lucas, Michael Rothhaar