Lion Rock(HKAFF 2019)
  • Opening on 29-10-2019
  • 96 minutes
  • Cantonese (Chinese, English Subtitles)

In 2011, Lai Chi-wai – one of the top rock climbers in Asia – lost everything when a motorcycle accident took away his ability to walk. Rather than succumbing to his fate, Lai found his own way of scaling those dizzying peaks again. With his second feature, Nick Leung offers a remarkable change of pace, eschewing the macabre humour of his debut Get Outta Here for an inspiring and touching tale about how a human being overcomes adversity. Featuring a career-best performance from Alex Lam as the wheelchair-bound athlete, this incredible fact-based story is a rousing tribute to Hong Kong’s never-say-die spirit.

Director Nick Leung
Cast Alex Lam, Kevin Chu, Angela Yuen, Michelle Wai