On a Magical Night(FCP 2019)
  • Opening on 24-11-2019
  • 87 minutes
  • French (English Subtitles)

Richard and Catherine were in love and got married when they were 20 years old. Years later, Catherine finds herself a lover. Richard discovers the affair and is driven to despair. Catherine takes off, but she doesn’t go far, as she simply crosses the street and holes up in a bedroom in the hotel opposite – room number 212. From that vantage point, she now has a bird’s-eye view of her flat, her husband and her marriage. Catherine wonders what she’s been missing. Plenty of people in her life have their own ideas on the matter, and they fully intend to let her know…

Prize for Best Performance: Chiara Mastroianni – Un Certain Regard, Cannes Film Festival, 2019

Director Christophe Honore
Cast Chiara Mastroianni, Vincent Lacoste, Camillle Cottin, Benjamin Biolay