The Whistleblower
  • Opening on 12-12-2019
  • 135 minutes
  • Putonghua, English (Chinese, English Subtitles)

An earthquake of 6.6 magnitude strikes Malawi in southeast Africa. Eco Energy Technology, an Australian energy conglomerate with business in the region, sends its rescue team for emergency response. Meanwhile, in an exclusive resort in Australia, Chinese expatriate Mark (Lei Jiayin), who will soon be relocated to oversee business in Africa, runs into his former lover Wen (Tang Wei), now married to the chairman of Han Coal Group. Their old feelings rush back and turn into a night of passion, before Wen flies off to China in the morning. That afternoon, Mark is devastated to learn that the plane Wen took has crashed, with no sign of survivors. Two weeks have passed. Mark is trying to leave the past behind, when a mysterious call puts him in limbo. Mark goes to meet the caller and astounded to find Wen alive. She cheats death after failing to catch the flight. Before figuring out the next step, they are tracked down by killers wherever they flee. Someone obviously wants her dead for good. Hopelessly outpowered, Mark pledges to protect Wen by all means. Together, they go on the run while trying to dig up the truth along the way.

Director Xue Xiaolu
Cast Tang Wei, Lei Jiayin