Man And Superman(NT Live 2016)
  • Opening on 03-12-2016
  • 219 minutes
  • English (Chinese Subtitle)

She’s chosen her perfect husband.
; He’s determined never to marry.
; A romantic comedy, an epic fairytale, a fiery philosophical debate, Man and Superman asks fundamental questions about the purpose of life and love.
; Jack Tanner, celebrated radical thinker and member of the Idle Rich Class, abhors the idea of being domesticated by a wife.
; Ann Whitefield, alluring heiress, knows how to get her way with charm and wits and has her eyes set on taming this dazzling revolutionary.
; Ann’s advances lead to a riotous car chase from London to Spain, where Jack falls in with a brigand and meets The Devil in an extraordinary dream-debate in hell, before waking to the sight of Ann, who is as fierce in her certainty as he is in his.
; Academy Award nominee Ralph Fiennes (The English Patient, The Grand Budapest Hotel) plays Jack Tanner against acclaimed stage and screen actress Indira Varma’s (Game of Thrones) Ann Whitefield in this exhilarating interpretation of Shaw’s witty, provocative, monumental classic.

Director Simon Godwin
Cast Ralph Fiennes, Indira Varma