Paths(HKLGFF 2017)
  • Opening on 10-09-2017
  • 108 minutes
  • German (English Subtitle)

Official Selection: Berlin International Film Festival

Many films have been made about first love and intense relationships, Paths is about the reality after the honeymoon stage of a romantic relationship. It is a love story of two people with all their shared experiences, all of their ups and downs on the path of a long-term relationship. Can eternity be reached? Can a couple overcome all their differences in expectations, as they grow older? In a small place in Thuringgia, Andrea and Martin finally have more time together now that their son is old enough to leave the house. During a vacation at the coastal area of the Baltic Sea, their differences surface, and they must confront each other and appraise their relationship.

Director Chris Miera
Cast Mike Hoffmann, Mathis Reinhardt