The Brink(HKAFF 2017)
  • Opening on 02-11-2017
  • 99 minutes
  • Cantonese, Japanese(In Parts) (Chinese, English Subtitles)

Longtime assistant director Jonathan Li makes his directorial debut with this uncompromising action thriller. Tung is a reckless police inspector who is dead set on bringing down Shing, a smuggler of black market gold. When he learns that Shing is going after a kingpin’s underwater gold vault, Tung takes to the high seas to get his prey. Backed by producer Soi Cheang – who worked with Li on Dog Eat Dog and Shamo – and action choreographer Nicky Li Chung-chi, Jonathan Li has created a spectacular action showcase for Zhang Jin and Shawn Yue with this intense and action-packed tale of beast versus beast.

Director Jonathan Li
Cast Zhang Jin, Shawn Yue, Wu Yue, Kurata Yasuaki, Janice Man, Cecilia So