All About Mothers(FCP 2018)
  • Opening on 01-12-2018
  • 103 minutes
  • French, Mandarin(In Parts) (English Subtitle)

This is a story all about maternity. A story about the President of the Republic, a nanny, a baker, a comedian, a teacher, a florist, a journalist, an unemployed and a paediatrician coping with maternity and their new born. They are possessive, watchful, clumsy, absent, omnipresent, rushed, guilt, indulgent, loving, fragile... all mothers are imperfect. It is also a story about three sisters taking care of their mother who could not care less.

Director Marie-Castille, Metion-Shaar
Cast Audrey Fleurot, Clotilde Courau, Olivia Cote