Belleville Cop(FCP 2018)
  • Opening on 02-12-2018
  • 111 minutes
  • French, English, Spanish (English(In Parts) Subtitle)

A thinly veiled but hilarious tribute to Eddy Murphy by “The Intouchables” leading actor Omar Sy.
Baaba is a cop in Belleville, the vibrant, multi-ethnic Parisian district where to his girlfriend’s dismay, he’s spent his entire life. She’s been trying to get him to move in with her, far away from Belleville... and far away from his mother. One night Baaba’s childhood friend, Roland, is shot dead right in front of him. In hopes of finding the killer, Baaba takes over for Roland as Liaison Officer to the French consulate in Miami.
Flanked by his ever-meddlesome mother, he moves to Florida and teams up with Ricardo, a perennially moody cop assigned to show him the ropes. The explosive duo launches into an investigation...

Director Rachid Bouchareb
Cast Omar Sy, Luis Guzman, Franck Gastambide