The Fallen(HKAFF 2019)
  • Opening on 30-10-2019
  • 96 minutes
  • Cantonese, English(In Parts), Mandarin(In Parts), Thai(In Parts), Others(In Parts) (Chinese, English Subtitles)

Years after running away from her drug kingpin father and her family, a woman returns home. However, what appears to be the return of the prodigal daughter is actually just the beginning of her plan to settle a score from two decades ago. After making an explosive debut last year with G Affairs, director Lee Cheuk-pan quickly returns to the director’s chair with this gritty and stylish revenge thriller reminiscent of classic Hong Kong crime thrillers. In her first film role in three years, veteran actress Irene Wan is captivating as the puppet master of the sinister revenge scheme.

Director Lee Cheuk Pan
Cast Irene Wan, Kenny Kwan, Hanna Chan, Eddie Chan, Alice Chan