Underdog(EUFF 2017)
  • Opening on 21-02-2017
  • 97 minutes
  • Swedish, Norwegian (English Subtitle)

The feature debut by Swedish director Sandahl realistically reflects the shifting power balance between Sweden and Norway after the 2008 financial crash. While Sweden has suffered economic stagnation and spiraling unemployment, the neighboring Norway has become hugely rich on North Sea oil revenue. 23-year-old Dino, one of thousands of Swedish unemployed young immigrant who try their luck in neighboring Norway. Before long, Dino gets a job as housekeeper at a retired tennis star, Steffen’s home when his wife stays abroad on business. An affairs begin between the employer and employee, while Steffen’s teenage daughter, Ida also find Dino very attractive. The film not only portray the shifting national rivalry which has not been highly discussed in any arts forms in Sweden, but also indicates the tension between different social classes and genders.

Director Ronnie Sandahl
Cast Bianca Kronlöf, Henrik Rafaelsen, Mona Kristiansen